Marysville’s Historic Street Names

1910 map of Marysville

There is no question that as time goes by, things change. Whether that is landscapes, buildings, or place names, change is inevitable and is oftentimes for the best. However, without a concrete understanding of the past, it is near impossible to accurately execute the future void of a firm grip understanding of how one got there.

The simple naming of streets gives enormous insight into the values and the structure of the past. Leaders named streets after things or people they felt were important. As time goes on street names change, in most cases to numbers for uniformity and ease of travel, but that doesn’t mean these old names that were once so important should be forgotten. Many cities have taken excellent steps in remembering this section of the past whether that be reverting street names back to their historic names, or instituting a brown sign program. The brown sign designation from most public works entities is meant to display historic names of places, often streets. Many cities include these brown signs underneath or near the name of the present street name. Unfortunately for many Marysville residents, little if any efforts have been made to educate the public of historic street names. Below in numerical order are the historic street names for Marysville, many of which can still be heard in everyday conversations among long time residents.

There is no concrete date on when numbers officially replaced historic names, it was something that took place over a period of time. In addition to this, it must be remembered that many streets are so new they do not have historic names associated with them. If your street name is not on the list and you think it should be, let me know and I’ll do some digging!

Grove (East of 67th)- Ludwig Street

28th Street NE- Carlson Road

40th Street NE- Morgan Branch Road

44th Street NE- Line Road

46th Street NE- Sundown Road

52nd Street NE (Between Sunnyside and 67th)- Ketchum Road

52nd Street NE (East of 67th) - Evans Road

59th Place NE- Pacific Street

60th Street NE- Lake Cassidy Road

60th Place NE- Judson Street

64th Street NE- Hickock Road

72nd Place NE- Olive Street

73rd Place NE- Solon Street

73rd Street NE- Norum Street

74th Place NE- Myrtle Street

74th Street NE- Victor Road

75th Place NE- Magnolia Street

75th Place NE (off Armar NOT 51st)- Allen Creek Drive

76th Street NE- DeuPree Road

77th Place NE- Edgemar Terrace

77th Place NE (Connected to 63rd Drive to 67th)- Maybelle Drive

78th Place NE- Woodlawn Drive

80th Street NE- Westover Road

81st Place NE- Quil Ceda Lane

84th Street NE- Robinson Road

84th Street NE (east of 67th)- Getchell Hill Road

85th Place NE- Sandy Road

86th Place NE (West of 55th) - Mileview Drive

86th Place NE (East of 55th)- Allen Drive

88th Street NE- Cemetary Road

92nd Street NE- Comeford Road OR Colby Road

94th Place NE- Wade Haven Way

100th Street NE- Turk Road

101st Place NE- Palmer Road

108th Street NE- Ziebel Road

112th Street NE- Fir Road

116th Street NE- Marshall Road

128th Street NE- Steve Road

132nd Street NE- Otter Road

136th Street NE- Paulson Road

140th Street NE- Millard Ball Road

152nd Street NE- Levin Cox Road

35th Ave NE (Tulalip)- Kron Road

36th Ave NE- Grannis Road

44th Drive NE- Topsy Drive

47th Ave NE- Liberty Street

48th Drive NE- Hammerly Road

49th Drive NE- Pomona Ave

51st Ave NE (North of Grove)- Norumtown Road

52nd Ave NE- Eliza Street

53rd Ave NE- Belmont Street

53rd Drive NE- Clayton Road

54th Ave NE- Victor Street

55th Ave NE- Anderson Road

57th Drive NE- Clarice Drive

59th Ave NE- Walker Road

60th Drive NE- Mountainview Road

63rd Drive NE- Maybelle Drive

64th Ave NE- Valley Road

67th Ave NE- Kellogg-Marsh Road

71st Ave NE (South of 44th to Sunnyside)- Black Hill Road

71st Ave NE (North of 64th to Grove)- Larsen Road (before about 1940) Carlson Road (after about 1940)

79th Ave NE- Gardner Road

83rd Ave NE- Whiskey Ridge Road

87th Ave NE- Eva Green Road

I believe that history can build community. To that end, I write about local history. The places, events, and people that have been forgotten.